GOLD NEWS why is Gold (sona Swarna Tola 10gram) price falling or rising

GOLD NEWS reasons for why stock price of Gold (sona Swarna Tola 10gram) is falling or rising

GOLD Gold Sona is falling or rising technical reasons

Technical analysis forecast of Gold Sona Stock is that its in a uptrend for shortterm, and I will avoid taking a SHORT or SELL trade in this stock. Look for opportunities to BUY or go LONG in Gold Sona GOLD at this time. Stock is rising and might rise more.

It appears as if Gold Sona GOLD gave a large move recently.

Stock of Gold Sona (GOLD) is trading above an important moving average line, but it crossed this line recently, which means that it could show a small or a large fall soon enough depending on its trend.

My analysis of Gold Sona is bullish for shortterm, but trade for tomorrow is selective. Take a BUY trade only if Gold Sona stays above 72338.5, but if it comes below 72338.5, then a intra day sell could be more profitable.
If you take a sell trade below 72338.5, then use 72338.5 as stoploss and 71901.76 as target. However if you take a buy trade in Gold Sona, then use 72338.5 as stoploss and 72862.7 as target.

GOLD Gold Sona is falling or rising NEWS fundamental reasons

Gold rises 1% to two-week peak as Fed rate cut bets lift demand ​Gold prices rose more than 1% on Thursday to their highest level in two weeks, as recent U.S. economic data showing signs of a slowdown in the world's largest economy boosted bets for interest rate cuts from the Federal Reserve this year. - NEWS as on 2024-06-20

Diversifying Forex Reserves: RBI bought gold sold securities in April The value of India’s – essentially the Reserve Bank of India’s – US treasury securities dipped $ 7.1 billion in April to take the value of outstanding US treasury securities’ exposure to 3.5 billion, according to the data released by the US - NEWS as on 2024-06-19

Central banks around the world have positive outlook on gold, according to World Gold Council survey The WGC survey received responses from a record-high 70 central banks. The survey shows that Central bank sentiment towards gold remains very high, with 29 per cent saying they will add more gold in the next 12 months and 81 per cent saying that official s - NEWS as on 2024-06-18

Gold, silver import from UAE surges 210%, need duty revision in FTA: GTRI India's gold and silver imports from its free trade agreement (FTA) partner UAE have skyrocketed 210 per cent to USD 10.7 billion in 2023-24 and there is a need to potentially revise the concessional customs duty rates under the pact to mitigate the arbitr - NEWS as on 2024-06-17

Iamgold (IAG) Advances While Market Declines: Some Information for Investors In the latest market close, Iamgold (IAG) reached .62, with a +1.97% movement compared to the previous day. The stock's change was more than the S&P 500's daily loss of 0.04%. Meanwhile, the Dow lost 0.15%, and the Nasdaq, a - NEWS as on 2024-06-14

Tamil Nadu govt waives Rs 6,000 crore cooperative bank gold loans A total of 13.12 lakh people benefitted through Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M K Stalin's gesture of waiving Rs 6,000 crore cooperative bank loans on gold upto five sovereigns or less, the government said on Thursday. After Stalin became the Chief Minister he - NEWS as on 2024-06-13

Rising gold prices drive Indian consumers towards lab-grown diamonds The recent rise in gold prices has shifted consumer interest towards lab-grown diamond (LGD) studded jewellery due to its affordability. Major metropolitan areas are witnessing a surge in demand, with growth rates exceeding 15%, particularly in tech-popula - NEWS as on 2024-06-12

Gold Strategy: Yellow metal uncertain before Fed outcome; support at ,277 Spot gold traded with a bearish bias on Tuesday as most of the commodities were under pressure due to the rise of far-right parties in the recently concluded European elections - NEWS as on 2024-06-12

India restricts certain studded gold jewellery imports In a notification, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) brought gold jewellery studded with pearls, diamonds and precious & semi-precious stones in the ‘restricted’ category from ‘free’ with immediate effect which means their import - NEWS as on 2024-06-11

More announcements and NEWS

GOLD Gold (sona Swarna Tola 10gram) current price & indicator signals

Moving Averages for Gold (sona Swarna Tola 10gram)

  • 5Day Average: 71894.4
  • 12Day Average: 71809.08
  • 20Day Average: 71848.4
  • 50Day Average: 71945.96
  • 100Day Average: 68411.33
  • 150Day Average: 66344.89
  • 200Day Average: 64582.75

GOLD Indicators & signals

Indicator MACD (12,26,9)

71888.92, 71851.31, 50.46
Indicator MACD is in positive zone

Indicator ADX (14)

14.56, 27.5, 20.51
Indicator ADX is indicating that momentum is weak.
Indicator ADX is showing that momentum is towards buying

Indicator RSI (14)

Current RSI is: 49
Indicator RSI is indicating buying momentum and stock might rise.

Recent prices of GOLD Gold (sona Swarna Tola 10gram) are as follows: Daily volume is divided by 10 day averaged volume

Date Close Range Change % Volume
20 Thu Jun 2024 72586.00 71806.00 to 72850.00 1.19% 1.24 times
19 Wed Jun 2024 71732.00 71610.00 to 71886.00 -0.01% 0.42 times
18 Tue Jun 2024 71739.00 71175.00 to 71773.00 0.4% 1.03 times
17 Mon Jun 2024 71450.00 71325.00 to 71783.00 -0.72% 0.5 times
14 Fri Jun 2024 71965.00 71158.00 to 72035.00 1.16% 1.09 times
13 Thu Jun 2024 71138.00 70976.00 to 71750.00 -1.16% 1.33 times
12 Wed Jun 2024 71970.00 71421.00 to 72172.00 0.67% 1.06 times
11 Tue Jun 2024 71490.00 71004.00 to 71709.00 0.07% 0.69 times
10 Mon Jun 2024 71438.00 70751.00 to 71490.00 0.12% 0.93 times
07 Fri Jun 2024 71353.00 71172.00 to 73516.00 -2.43% 2.12 times
06 Thu Jun 2024 73131.00 72638.00 to 73308.00 1.97% 0.81 times
05 Wed Jun 2024 71717.00 71500.00 to 72522.00 -0.1% 0 times

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GOLD NEWS why is Gold (sona Swarna Tola 10gram) price falling or rising


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